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Energising Flow Yoga

Energising Flow Yoga is a form of Vinyasa flow yoga. The Sanskrit word “Vinyasa” means “arranging something in special way”.

It is a graceful and energising practice where the breath is linked with movements. These movements are linked together, creating smooth and continuous dance-like flow. The focus is on transitions and movements with less time spent in stationary poses.

The variety of movements in a Vinyasa class means you will be working through the whole body and expand your range of motion by moving in ways you normally would not. This helps you to avoid injuries in the future, which can be caused by always moving in the same way. 

A Vinyasa class is great cardiovascular exercise; moving with your breath increases your heart rate and generates heat. 

A consistent Vinyasa practice can help you build muscle throughout the whole body, which means you will build a balanced & functional strength and flexibility.

The constant motion and rhythmical movement will help quiet the mind and allow you to focus inward. In this way, Vinyasa helps you connect the body and mind, calms the nervous system and can help relieve stress and anxiety.

All levels welcome.

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