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Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

What you need for your Online Yoga Class: 

  • Try not to eat at least 2 hours before a class. If you need to, have a very small snack
  • It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Please use a non-slip mat, ideally a yoga mat 
  • Please ensure you have plenty of space around your mat during your practice 
  • Please have a blanket, blocks and belt/strap available during the class. If you don’t have yoga equipment prepare a couple of thick books, cushions and scarf. This can be used during relaxation but also as a handy support if needed.
  • Last but not least — bring an open mind and heart 

During your Live Online Yoga Class:

  • Please keep your camera on and positioned so that the teacher can see you as much as possible during the practice. 
  • There will be occasions when the teacher will not be able to see you. If a position or movement does not feel okay, please slowly stop what you are doing to return to a position that you feel safe and comfortable in. 
  • Classes are delivered to suit beginners and mixed ability unless a class is specified otherwise. Please ensure you modify your practice to suit your needs and to prevent self-injury.
  • You can be un-muted during Live Online Classes so you can talk to the teacher, but please remember that all class members will hear most of the noises from your room. 
  • If you have any concerns about your wellbeing, please ensure you inform the teacher before the start of the class either by email or phone. 

Please remember you are practising Yoga as an online format: 

  • By accessing Yoga Classes as an online format, you are accessing these classes at your own risk. 
  • No liability will arise on the services provided by Tasha’s Yoga.

What you need for your In-person Yoga Class:

(Helping to keep you Covid-19 secure)

  • Please bring your own equipment such as mat, block, strap, blanket, towel and water bottle.
  • Wearing a mask is not a requirement, however, you are welcome to wear one should you prefer. 
  • Please follow 2 meter social distancing rule.
  • If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms such as (but not limited to) fever, cough, sore throat, have a loss of, or change in sense of smell or taste, or within the last 14 days have been in contact with someone that has tested positive for Covid-19 please do not attend class. Join us online instead. 😉
  • Please note: Outdoor sessions are weather permitting.

More about your In-person Yoga Class:

  • 'In-Person' classes are always subject to availability with priority given to advance bookings over ‘drop ins’. Classes may be booked in advance using the Tasha’s Yoga website with full payment required at point of booking. 
  • The venue will be open for access from a minimum of 10 minutes prior to class commencing. Out of consideration for other students and the teacher please allow good time to arrive. 
  • The venue may lock its doors from the class commencing and it is at the discretion of the teacher as to whether late arrivals are able to access the class. If you are aware you may be late, please contact Tasha via Facebook Page @contact.tashasyoga, or via email hello@tashasyoga.com so that the teacher can be notified and accommodations made where possible. 
  • Upon arrival please turn off all mobile phones and leave your belongings in the spaces provided during class. Tasha’s Yoga is unable to take responsibility for any items brought onto studio premises. 

Health and Wellbeing:

  • Tashais fully trained and insured to provide the best and safest teaching. Even with this it is important that you take responsibility for your own wellbeing. Tasha is not medically trained and are therefore not qualified to assess whether you are in good physical condition and/or that you can engage in her classes/workshops without detriment to your health, safety, comfort or physical condition.
  • Ahimsa (friendliness, kindness, non-violence) is the first principle of yoga please practise this with yourself as well as others, please listen and respect your body and mind. Your ability may vary from session to session depending on your state of well-being, fitness, tiredness and/or stress levels. Work in a way that feels right for you on any given day. Pain is the body’s warning system and should not be ignored.
  • Please let Tasha know about any changes to your health (injury, illness, pregnancy etc) before the class begins. Also, please let the teacher know if you feel any discomfort during a session or if you felt any discomfort after a previous session.
  • You are advised not to undertake any physical activities without first seeking medical advice if you have concerns over your physical condition.
  • If you are pregnant or postnatal please talk to me before attending class.
  • Tasha can accept no liability for personal injury related to participation in a session if:

- your doctor has, on health grounds, advised you against such exercise.

- you fail to observe instructions on safety or technique.

  • such injury is caused by the negligence of another participant in the class.


Payments are made online via booking system. 

In-person Class Passes

  • 4 Class Pass valid for 5 weeks from the client’s first visit.
  • 8Class Pass valid for 9 weeks from the client’s first visit. 
  • 12Class Pass valid for 13 weeks from the client’s first visit. 

Spaces for "In-person" classes are limited. Before purchasing the "In-person Class Pass" please check availability using the booking system.  Class passes are available for 5, 9, 13 weeks at a time. After you have bought the pass, please book yourself onto your chosen classes for all weeks purchased.

Online Class Passes

  • 4 Class Pass valid for 4 weeks from the client’s first visit.
  • 8Class Pass valid for 8 weeks from the client’s first visit. 
  • 12Class Pass valid for 12 weeks from the client’s first visit. 

Cancellation Policy:

Booked classes may be cancelled or rescheduled until 2 hours prior to the class commencing via the Tasha’s Yoga website at no cost, or by contacting Tasha on hello@tashasyoga.com.

In case of timely cancellation a credit for the same class type will be applied to your account with a one month expiration.

In the case of late cancellation (within 2 hours of the start of class), or missed bookings the place will not be credited back to your account, nor refunded.

Classes cancelled by teacher:

In the unlikely event of a class being cancelled by the teacher due to unforeseen changes in the teacher’s own personal circumstances you will be contacted as soon as possible either by email or phone. A mutually agreed transfer of payment onto the next available class will be offered.

If you wish to maintain your place in our classes: 

  • Book your classes in advance.
  • Inform the teacher if you are unable to attend your class for a week or two because of other commitments.
  • If we are not aware of your intentions by the second week you have not attended your class, your place with be offered to another person. 

For your information:

If we need to revise our Prices or Our Terms, we will aim to provide you with at least two weeks notice of any changes.

Please contact us directly if you ever have any questions or concerns. What we do not know we cannot do anything about.

Data Privacy

Updated 1 July 2021.

Tasha’s Yoga works with personal data under the contract lawful basis. 

Personal data is required to enable Tasha’s Yoga to assess any possible risk factors with the aim to deliver yoga classes that you have requested to participate in. 

To join our online and in-person classes, you need to complete the Health Questionnaire before your first class at Tasha’s Yoga. The Form requests the following information: 

*Your Name

*Date of Birth 


*Telephone number 


*An Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

*Health Conditions.

Your name; email; phone numbers and emergency contact details will be kept for the following purposes: 

Examples of emails that are sent as class group using the email Bcc to protect your personal data:

  • Class cancellations e.g. teacher is unwell or due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • To be kept informed of any changes in prices or terms and conditions. 
  • To provide you with the updated class access links and passwords.
  • To provide any information you have requested.

Your name will be recorded on an electronic class register to record your payments, the number of classes you have paid for and the date your next payment is due. This ensures you get the classes you have paid for.

Your health and mobility information enables Tasha’s Yoga to plan yoga classes that are appropriate and safe for you to gain benefit and enjoyment from. 

You will be asked once in a year to complete a new form as per our insurance requirement. 

First Aid: 

  • In case of an accident or you feel unwell during your class your name, date of birth will be used to complete a paper incidence form. 
  • If necessary your emergency contact will be phoned. 
  • Only under extreme circumstances your personal details and any known health problems will be orally shared with the emergency services so to protect your safety and wellbeing. For example, if you have high blood pressure and you feel unwell, the ambulance crew will be informed you have high blood pressure, as this information may be helpful for the emergency services. 

For your peace of mind: 

  • Your data will be kept securely.
  • No personal data will be shared, given or disclosed with any third party except for First Aid purposes.
  • Your personal data will not be used for marketing purposes.
  • We require the information you have provided to allow us to schedule bookings and manage our diary. Your contact data will be used if we need to contact you. We use the software platform BookingHawk.com to help us to achieve these objectives. BookingHawk.com is Irish owned and hosted. BookingHawk.com.
  • All paper records will be held for six years after you have left your last class. This is the required length for insurance and tax purposes. 
  • Paper records will be shredded at the end of the sixth year unless there is a legitimate reason to retain paper records for a longer period of time. You will be informed of the extended time period for keeping your paper records. 
  • Electronic records are deleted following the termination of your contract OR two weeks after the last class you had attended. To maintain your place, you need to keep the teacher informed of your intentions.  
  • At any time you wish to amend your records or withdraw your consent, please inform the teacher, Tasha Taylor-Komar.  
  • If you choose to withdraw your consent from the contract, you will not be able to access Tasha’s Yoga services even if you have prepaid for classes in advance.
  • You can request to see your records. 
  • Any changes to this policy you will be notified off. 


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Terms of use

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